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What is Factoring
Factoring is all about cash flow. Factoring is selling your accounts receivable to get paid immediately for the work you have done. You can drop your rate confirmation and bills of ladings, along with any accessorial paperwork, in a Trippak Box, using your pre-paid Trippak Envelopes. You can also send the necessary paperwork by other means as well. D&S Factors then reviews the paperwork and verifies the invoice and pays you the same day. This allows you to have money in to your pocket in a few days instead of a few weeks. D&S Factors does all the invoicing and collections on the invoices that are factored. Financing accounts receivable enables our clients to spend more time driving and spending time with their family and less time doing paperwork and collection calls.

In these tough economic times banks have you fill out mountains of paperwork on the slim chance that you might get a loan or line of credit and there is no guarantee you’ll get the help you need. With D&S Factors you only have to fill out a short application and you will get your approval in a day or two, not weeks.

With D&S Factors you are selling your accounts receivable and not taking out a loan. This form of receivable financing means you are not creating debt for your business only putting your assets to work for you.

D&S Factors has the ability to fund you the same day. We provide fast credit reviews of your customers and carriers can look up brokers or shippers on our website 24 hours a day. This allows you to keep up with the speed of transportation.

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